Mercedes Sprinter

The Sprinter series offers a flexible solution for VIP group transport. Together with our partner, we provide several different sizes of high-end busses, from 9 up to 20 passengers.

  • 4 x 4 Bus
  • 9 - 20 passengers
  • 2 Comfort classes: Business and VIP
  • Flexible luggage space

Mercedes V-Class

This luxury Van is a very appreciated transport solution by our clients. Offering high-end comfort with a voluminous interior design, it can be used to carry a larger group of passengers or serve as a luggage van.

  • 4 x 4 Limousine
  • 5 Doors / 7 Passengers + 1 Driver
  • Reduced CO2 emission rate
  • 2 Configurations: VIP or Luggage van

Luxury Coach

For larger groups or delegations, a coach might be a very useful solution to travel across Switzerland. However, this should not mean less comfort for our clients. Our partners' coach fleet fulfils high-end quality standards and ensures a comfortable journey.

  • Air-conditioned
  • 40 + Passengers
  • Entertainment System & Minibar
  • Large luggage spaces

Luggage Truck

Larger groups or delegations need an adapted luggage transportation solution. Through our partner, we offer a broad fleet of different truck sizes that will simplify the logistics if you plan an official visit or a road show. The small trucks are adapted for winter conditions and can safely drive on mountain roads. Their large cargo capacity allows to transport any type of luggages, media or security equipment.

  • Several sizes, from 4 to 18T
  • Very large capacity
  • Perfect for luggages or media equipment